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If you find occultism do not worry. Some practitioners of the southern hemisphere follow
Magic nordiques White traditions especially if they have ancestors colder climates. It's really a matter of preference and all this diversity actually have a very positif White effect Magic because it means that you can weave natural forces in your personal creation of Occultism. The only important thing is that you are consistent in your attitude.
A Ritual Using Light And The Cosmic Power
The following ritual can be practiced anywhere oùOccultism because management is not important. It is the
powerful when executed standing under a tree peutOccultismêtre stood for hundreds of years. Yes
sunlight filter through the Magic feuillesWhite better. You can work seulOccultism with a group of
amisOccultism or a more formal brotherhood. You can decide in advance on an axis for the Magic to puissanceWhite
example cure a particular place or a person you know. SinonOccultism you can let them find energy
their own target cascade through the Magic cosmosWhite increasing positivity of the universe.
* Stand with your feet and your arms straight Magicdessus auWhite your head like the branches of a tree.
Through your Magic piedsWhite aspire a rich, golden light of Earth and laissezOccultismla sink to the Magic hautWhite becoming lighter
and more gold when he ascends to your fingertips. Feel up to the light to flow down to merge
with her.
* If you work seulWhite alorsOccultism Magic holding the long silk scarf in either mainOccultism go around the tree with
your hands rising and falling in a spiral path to create énergiesOccultism oldest vortex
Mother Goddess Geometric Shapes Magic sacréesWhite while singing and dancing. If you join with amisOccultism
hands around the tree and pass the light and energy between you hand mainWhite deosilOccultism Magic until you
can feel the circle of light (you can even see the light energy from hand to hand transfer).
* Start encircle the tree deosilOccultism reciting growing fast:
The power of Magic arbresWhite the power of the Sun Magic TerreWhite shower and lumièreOccultism
EntoureOccultismmoiWhite soutiensOccultismmoiOccultism Magic Goddess of luminous glow.
If you do not want to use the Goddess as an accent to your OccultismOccultism you can replace the word 'god' or
say "golden light shine." You can also create your own if you préférezWhite chantOccultism Magic that can change
ligneOccultism line or use a mantra simpleOccultism as:
Magic Touch meWhite
Magic me envelopperWhite
join me.
* When you feel the power reaching a point culminantOccultism scarves throw up in the air and embrace the arbreOccultism
press hard on your feet to reduce your energy to the ground and receive the trunk healing light. If you
Magic seulWhite work you might feel in a Magic sensWhite you are not seulOccultism but collaborate with the spirits of the tree
and Magic dévasWhite the superior forces of nature that will dance with you in a spiral. You can even see their
bright contours. * If you work in a groupeOccultism when you feel the power has reached the point culminantOccultism detach your hands
and with a last appelOccultism
soulevezOccultismles directly auOccultismdessus your head and allow the energy to fly through the cosmos.
* Then sink so that your hands and feet press the ground and leave any excess gold
radiation and power return to the Earth. (If you do not do pasOccultism bourdonneras you day and night
if you had drunk too much coffee.)
3 Occultism Start of Occultism
You can create Occultism in many ways and you can use it for an almost endless variety of
goal. Your Occultism can be lonely or based groupeOccultism egocentric or entirely altruistic. He can be
staff and informelOccultism or can be framed in a stiff ceremony. But whatever the Occultism that you would
for pratiquerOccultism you'll need to create a place of Magic travailWhite personal space at home for your private use
work of healing and personal development.
A Occultism place
When you were enfantOccultism you probably had a place spécialOccultism peutOccultismêtre a house in a Magic arbreWhite a den under a table.
drapéWhite curtain with a Magic or a corner of the garden hidden by bushes that only you and chosen
visited friends; in this place you weave your dreams and play with your treasures. The Occultism place
I describe in this section is just a place spécialOccultism Magic etWhite an extension of a return to Magic sensWhite
this time enchantementOccultism because you are once again a separate area of ​​the world all joursOccultism
where you can set your special artifacts.
But it will also be very different from your place of enfanceOccultism because as an adult you can learn to
control and direct the energies that are then free and unstructured. Your imagination can be refined as
Magic visualisationsWhite your daydreams as altered states of consciousness; you can make wishes and dreams
Magic vraiWhite come not only in Faerieland but in the here and now.
If you have enough espaceOccultism you can book a salleOccultism peutOccultismêtre a vérandaOccultism attic or sousOccultismsolOccultism
sheltered spot in the garden for your special Occultism place. AlternativementOccultism you may need to use a
corner of your bedroom or draw a velvet curtain on an area of ​​a room where you can be calm and
private. In étéOccultism I like working outside my trailer and down the winding track
Sea beach for my rituals (and puffing and gasping again). In hiverOccultism I work or around the home that is
home to the Magic family petiteWhite dark room where I écrisOccultism or high in my narrow room attic
house overlooking the hills.
Your special place should contain an altar. For many gensOccultism word "altar summons images
large churches with golden crosses or B-movies with characters in dark robes sacrificing a ladies
stone slab in the middle of a desert moor. But Occultism words altar is simply the term for a
sacred space of work on which you place your outilsWhite bougiesOccultism Magic incense for rituals and symbols.
In the Magic pratiqueWhite many people use their altar all joursOccultism as a home for meditative moments tranquillesOccultism peutWhite to Magicêtre
the end of a long day or early morning. Such use is no less special. In effetWhite by Magic
becoming a part of your world quotidienOccultism becomes responsible for your own magical qualities essentiellesWhite Occultism
and provides a repository of Occultismal energies and guérisonOccultism even if you only have a few times
every evening in a personal and informal work.
This is your place and rituals that you insist are limited only by your own desires and ingenuity.
The Setting Up Your Altar
You will need a large flat surface for your Magic autelWhite a table or Occultism wardrobe you can use the
drawers for storage and cover it with a cloth. Regardless of the shape of the surface of Occultism
circles and squares are both sacred and easy forms to be divided into quadrants for four élémentsOccultism
The terreOccultism The Magic AirWhite fire and eauOccultism are at the center of the traditional Occultism and play a role even in informal rituals.
A rondWhite altar Magic the circle shape sacréOccultism works particularly well.
If you do not have a Magic convenableWhite furniture piece uncut stone or wood as non poliOccultism
hazelOccultism Magic ashWhite rowan oak or supported on stones or bricks will do. Ensure there is enough élevéeOccultism so
you are not constantly examined.
In good tempsOccultism if you have a private sheltered spot in your garden or ArrièreOccultismcourOccultism you can adapt
tree stump or grandOccultism flat rock your workspace. But peutOccultismêtre the best altars are all these impromptu
those you do Occultism as the Summit of stone standing with a circle of your crystals préférésOccultism or rock
plageWhite the Magic with a circle of seaweed and shells to mark directions.
The altar does not need to be grandOccultism but you will need to have room to move around. Many rituals
require you to move in a circle with the altar at the Magic centreWhite although some place the altar in
To the north of the circle and you stand to SudOccultism facing north.
The central position of the altar / circle represents the kingdom of The Magic espritWhite or Akasha. Akasha is the name
given to the fifth element formed by the combination of the four ancient elements of the feuWhite TerreOccultism Magic the Air
and water that were considered in the classical period as the components of all life and matter. It is
more than the other four.
In Occultism formelleOccultism artifacts and lit candles are kept on a Magic autelWhite but it is not vital. It is quite
possibleOccultism even if you use a common room in an apartment or a Magic maisonWhite to leave your altar in part
Magic préparéWhite well as items such as salt and water are best added immediately before a ritual so they
be fresh. A garden altar can be installed with an outdoor candle or a torch and figurines shaded pierreOccultism peutOccultismêtre
by bushes.
Keep the pot or live plants in your interior altar when it is not used to keep them fresh energy
and displacement. If it feels stagnanteOccultism sprinkle lemon or mint tea to remove widdershinsOccultism
the negativity that came from Magic jourWhite activities and then deosilOccultism for load power.
You can also clean it with Magic encensWhite creating a pine protective circle or myrrheOccultism still widdershins
and then deosil.
Each nuitOccultism or whenever you have the Magic tempsWhite you can explore your inner psychic powers at your altar. For
exempleOccultism you can look into a candle or scry in a bowl of water on the surface of which you
color inks drained. Try to hold the different crystals that you place on your altar and allow
impressions to go through the tips of your Magic doigtsWhite manifested as imagesOccultism sounds or feelings. This psychic art
called psychometry and is one that will emerge spontaneously.
However, you can have a more specific goal in mind. By exempleOccultism to enhance your Magic financesWhite place a
potted herbs basilicOccultism surrounded by golden colored pieces and light a green candle prosperity or gold
while viewing gold coins who shower on you. If you have a friend who is maladeOccultism and want to send
healing thoughts to euxOccultism place a photograph of them on the Magic and autelWhite entourezOccultismle flowers rosesOccultism
crystal pink rose quartz and a small circle of pink candles. Send your message of healing or viewed
doréeOccultism light and blow out the candles deosilOccultism by sending energies where they are needed.
When you do not make Occultism formelleOccultism keep on the altar all the crystals that are personal
important to you (see page 153). Need a quartz crystal for energy PureWhite a Magic
lapis lazuli blue gold flecked for sagesseOccultism purple amethyst and rose quartz for healing and
harmonyOccultism or the eye of a brown tiger golden and sparkling for the grounding. You can also keep different herbs
there depending on your current target.
The Authority Strengthening Your Altar
You can further enhance your special place as a reflection of the positive aspects of your change
life by placing it on other small items that carry happy memories for you. This could include stones
or shells found during an outing agréableOccultism gifts from friends or Magic familleWhite a letter or even a printed Magicmail eWhite
written in Magic amourWhite images or photographs of places and people who have emotional significance. The stand can restore the pleasure of the moment and fill you with confianceWhite and Magic
they are Occultism items because they are endowed with the good feeling of power.
Some practitioners to keep livreWhite by exempleOccultism Magic Magic poésieWhite a book a copy of the works of Magic psaumesWhite
Shakespeare or I Ching. Every time you miss inspirationOccultism close your eyes and open your livreOccultismle
the page will be chosen seemingly at random but in fact your deep unconscious mind has selected more
appropriate response by a process similar to psychokinesis.
From time to tempsOccultism gently energize these personal objects by burning a scented candle or chamomile
lavender. Domestic altars of many land was originally the family home and an unused fireplace
well serve as an altar. They depend for their power on herbs and flowers collected from the
bordering the Magic routesWhite in the days before gasoline vapors. Many witches have a home care not swept
and fresh with flowers or seasonal greenery.
Between your Magic autelWhite plugs you can place statuesOccultism God and the figure of the goddess of either your
his own spiritual background or culture that seems important; it will balance the Magic or yangWhite
mâleOccultism energies with the Magic yinWhite or woman. The divine figure can be represented by a Magic corneWhite and goddess
by a large conch shell.
There is a wide variety of Deity figures in museum shops and the New Age shops and those selling
goods from particular regions of the world. You pouvezOccultism Magic cependantWhite feel more comfortable with a ceramic
animalOccultism bird or reptile for which you feel an affinity: a tiger for the Magic courageWhite an eagle for the Magic visionWhite a cat
Mystery and Magic indépendanceWhite a snake for regeneration. This is what the Native Americans call our staff
totem or powerful creature. You can find some of these in some culturesWhite sontOccultism Magic symbols of deities.
It is aOccultism by Magic exempleWhite BastOccultism Egyptian goddess cat head that protected especially in femmesOccultismen
pregnancy and accouchementOccultism Magic maisonWhite the pleasure and joy. Bast was originally a lion goddess
symbolizes the fertilizing rays of the sun.
Draw A Circle
All spells and Magic rituelsWhite formal or informelsOccultism are based on a Occultism circle. This can be great
enough for a whole group of practitioners to stand dansOccultism or it can be small enough to fit on your
personal altar. I experienced practitioners who have only a small area to create a circle on a table
sat facing the Magic nordWhite physically but spiritually outside the intérieurOccultism manipulating symbols inside. I have
also known modern witches that will create an instant circle on paper or even on a computer screen.
If you espaceOccultism you can keep a Occultism circle marked with stones in a corner of your garden
or painted on the floor of a room with a big stack. The attic is particularly good since you are
closer to heaven. If you are able to keep a special area for your cercleOccultism dispersion or dried lavender potpourri
on it before each utilisationOccultism and sweep the widdershins in circles to remove any negativity.
Whatever the shape or size of your Magic cercleWhite mark the four main compass directions inside. In the
Magic marqueurWhite positions you can use Magic pierresWhite lines on the four solOccultism crystals hanging on the ropes on the four
walls or candles in the appropriate basic colors.
Once you know your itinéraireOccultism you can mark your Magic cercleWhite starting with the North (although some
practitioners begin in the East) Occultism and work deosil. Draw your circle in one motion.
You want peutOccultismêtre sing As.
If you work in groupeOccultism or if it is a circle for a formelWhite ritual Magic you can add
God / DéesseOccultismle able to form as a song intercaléOccultism with the voices of the group that falls and rises in
wave. You can welcome the archangesOccultism or guardians of the four towers at the four
the points of the compass as you cast your circle. (The Archangels are heavenly beings that appear in
cosmologies of the three major world religions Western Occultismle ChristianismeOccultism Judaism and Islam.
Learn Magic plusWhite read pages 200 and 236). AlternativementOccultism you may wish to use Powerful
the goddess forms:
IsisWhite IshtarOccultism Magic Magic CerridwenWhite InnanaWhite ShaktiOccultism Magic Magic YorubaWhite DanuOccultism Kali and AineWhite protectOccultism Magic empower and inspire
this Occultism business.
You can embellish the casting ceremony as you voulezOccultism peutOccultismêtre drawing pentagrams in the air
the four main points of the Magic boussoleWhite and combining this with the lighting of the four elementary candles.
Some practitioners like to start a circle and then host other group members to entrerOccultism closure
the circle with a diagonal movement up and down their power hand (the one they wrote
with) Occultism or a wand or athame. (An athame is a double-edged knife used in formal rituals. It is
And is placed at the east of the circle.
In most circles dessinOccultism can be used to drive Occultismal energies into a symbol.) But I think it's
more powerful if a person walks around the outside of a circle personnesOccultism enclosing them in
light. This façonOccultism circle is created in the human dimensions and is as large or small as required by
the actual training. The circle made to fit the group's much better with white Occultism that makes group to adapt
Magic cercleWhite for the group is the circle.
If you want to view a cercleOccultism use clear quartz crystal and pointuOccultism or Magic baguetteWhite or index your
the power of Magic mainWhite and tracerOccultism in the air at the chest or on the floor. The circle extends
where you draw the earth towards the hautOccultism auOccultismdessus of your têteOccultism as a golden wall. Once foisOccultism start
Magic NordWhite and continue in an uninterrupted circular motion.
RappelezOccultismvousOccultism circle is created with your own puissanceOccultism amplified if you want by the sacred keepers
or powers that you can avail. For this raisonOccultism creating a light body and thus draw the energy of the
ground (see page 124) Occultism before launching the Magic is a powerful cercleWhite preliminary. Some praticiensWhite with Magic
stretch your hands up to the light of the cosmos can enter. it
before joining hands if you create the circle as a group.
In a convent conventionnelOccultism High Priestess casts and unveils cercleOccultism but you may prefer to enable
the person leading the ritual to cast Occultism limits.
The On A Double Circle Cast
You can create a double circle if you like.
* Devote first salt symbolizing earth element north of the altar waving three
sometimes with athameOccultism wand or Magic cristalWhite and visualize the radiance that flows there.
* Shake eauOccultism also three times with deosil athameOccultism wand or crystal pointuOccultism asking light and
the goddess to enter.
* Add a few grains of salt to water and stir ilOccultism saying ::
May the power be so doubléeOccultism
So augmentéOccultism
when life come to life
to create a greater force
Just as these.
* TenezOccultismvous just inside or auOccultismdelà the perimeter of the first circle.
* Walk around the deosil cercleOccultism sprinkle the line of physical or prévueOccultism Magic cercleWhite your saltwater.
In the rituals formelsOccultism High Priestess dedicated salt and High Priest water and they mingle
they. The High Priestess then creates the first circle and the second the high priest.
The Circle Of A Triple Cast
Three is a sacred number in the Occultism and special ceremonies you can create a circle of two Triple
power and protection. The number three represents the three aspects of the figure of God in much
religions holy trinitéOccultism Goddess Magic TripleWhite three aspects of LuneOccultismjeune filleWhite mother and Magic
wise woman or crone Occultism clover or triple CeltesWhite God of Magic and the Egyptian Trinity even older IsisWhite On Magic
Osiris and HorusOccultism the young god of the sky. This triplicity is still celebrated when we turn our money
inclinezOccultismvous and three times to the moon to bring good luck.
* Create your first two circles of light and salt water.
* Return to where you started.
* Place the bowl on the altar and light your incense; you can either turn a stick into a secure carrier or sprinkle incense on a burning charcoal block in the censor.
* Make your final circle with encensOccultism auOccultismdelà just salt and water lines.
There are other celaOccultism variants including creating your outer circle of light walking with your
candle in a large white pig holder Magic followed by salt water and incense.
Uncasting Circle
When you finish your spells or rituelsOccultism you should close the circle. This is done simply by
reversing the molding process.
* Thank the guards and send the light of basic candles to anyone who needs it.
* Turn off the elementary candles in reverse order of lighting. Visualize the light and ditesOccultism
together with all present:
Let the circle be unbroken but stay uncastOccultism. Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again.
* Let the candle burn the altar.
Prepare your mind to the Occultism
In addition to preparing the physical space for the OccultismOccultism you also need to prepare your mental status.
It is universally accepted that we have two hemispheres OccultismgaucheWhite logiqueOccultism Magic and the Magic droitWhite
intuitifOccultism Occultism side and generally in the world everyday left brain is dominant. This is not peutOccultismêtre
bad thing; Magic toutWhite after buying gold sunflowers and pressed oils from aromatic herbs can lift the Magic espritsWhite
but they will not do much for us if we are so disorganized that we do not remember cereal and cat food Occultism
and mewing of hungry children and cats buzzing in the morning air is not conducive to
These demarcations in mind have not always been so clear. Julian JaynesOccultism in his book
Origin of Consciousness in the decomposition spirit BicarmelOccultism suggesting that self-awareness in
Man existed about 3000 years. Saying celaOccultism he defined as self-awareness
awareness of our own separation and our private thoughts.
This normal Magic espritWhite state in adultesOccultism is very different from the more primitive mindset small
Children who continue to comment on their actions. But young children are also incredibly
adept at jumping into the minds and read the thoughts of others. It is precisely because they do not have
adult strong sense of the individual and the private me.
In societies primitivesOccultism the individual has not the same importance is the collective
liability account. So the rituals that are performed to ensure the fertility of crops and
animals and the community are played in groups.
In the sensOccultism Magic White is the use of the mind bicarmelOccultism placing the right hemisphere in the
seat conduiteOccultism taking the concentrationOccultism concentration and determining the logical side as the fuel and a
and reconnect with our unified self undifferentiated universe.
You can perform Occultism absolutely anywhere as long as you are in a positive state of mind. But
Many practitioners believe that by entering an altered state of conscienceOccultism you remove all
awareness blocks and allows the intuitive brain to freely access the unconscious mind and with it the
Deposit human and cosmic wisdom. This brings a state of mind in which energy can flow
between dimensions.
You are at your most relaxed state when your brain produces alpha waves. They swing on
ten times per second (range is eight to 13 cycles per second) and are less common in our
stressful lives. But they are generated by exempleWhite naturellementOccultism Magic Magic when you rêvezWhite or sitting near a fountain
and running water fills your Magic espritWhite or look in a Magic bougieWhite flame or have a lavandeOccultismou rosescent
bath. ComparezOccultismles with traditional routine preparations of fasting and ritual bathing
practitioners of the art and you begin to see why they are important.
Relying your guardian angels to hold the four corners of your magic circle Magic blancWhite
preparation rituals of your Occultism tools etOccultism in the Occultism more formelleOccultism cast a circle Occultism are all
how to mark the boundaries of the world every day and entry into this magical space where all
natural laws are suspended. There are many ways to achieve this étatOccultism techniques to
turmoil and external requirements that block easy access to deeper psychic states.
When you feel tense or anxieuxWhite malheureuxOccultism Magic you may need tranquility; Magic can alternativementWhite
be times when you need a power infusion to meet a défiOccultism restore confidence or gain energy
when all you want to do is sleep.
Breathing in the light and the color is a method of creating a cone or vortex puissanceOccultism which may be released
such as Occultism energy or healing power in the cosmos. In outreOccultism by absorbing the light of the moon or
Sun you can take either peace or energy for those times when you are particularly
need. PeutOccultismêtre trouverezWhite you Magicvous in a lighted building artificiellementOccultism piled in a commuter train or
rushing to get children to school and go to work. At such momentsOccultism you can feel like one of the hags
Magic of MacbethWhite ready to transform the entire carriage commuters toads Occultism that's when the good is Occultism
what you need.
A magical white moon ritual to calm
* Wait until the moon moves towards full luneOccultism and it is very bright in the sky.
* Find a place as dark as possible so that the light is not diluted and slowly "inhale" the light through
Your Magic nezWhite watching the moon and its light attractive to you.
* Hold your lunar breath for a count of "Magic unWhite two and three." RappelezOccultismvous saying the "AND" to stop
you rush Occultism is Magic relaxantWhite not a race.
* Close your eyes and breathe the darkness of your Magic paniqueWhite your frustration or your misfortune.
* Continue to alternately breathe eyes open and eyes closed exhale until you feel
you are filled with silvery light.
* Magic MaintenantWhite gently exhale a little of that magic in one lumièreWhite souffleWhite this time Magic Eye Magic ouvertsWhite he leads
in your vision to anyone you know who also feels stressed or anxious.
* Breathe moonlight and keep expirerOccultism still eyes ouvertsOccultism continuing to lead
healing light.
* Whether the moon shines in a silver bowl of water or crystalline. Before you coucherOccultism pour water into your
bath so you can absorb the energy of the moon through your pores.
Whenever you feel stresséOccultism view the LuneOccultism close your eyes and inhale slowly; peace will come
you because you have given to others.
You can find more details on the Occultism of the Moon in the chapter on the energies of the Moon.
A ritual for Energy
Because it can be dangerous to look directly at the Magic soleilWhite catch your sun by noon in a large
crystal, or water in a brass plate.
* As auparavantOccultism "inhale" the sunlight by the crystal or water eyes open. Hold the breath of SoleilOccultism
by counting "one and two and three" Occultism then close your eyes and breathe the darkness Magic douteWhite your anger or
lack of confidence. With pratiqueOccultism will become a single movement.
* Continue until you are filled with light and énergieOccultism then exhale a breath solaireOccultism directing it to someone
Magic is épuiséWhite scared or sick.
* Breathe and exhale the Sun back to a person or persons in need.
* Rinse your face in the sun of eauOccultism then points the rest in the soil to feed the plant.
Whenever you feel fatiguéOccultism rappelezOccultismvous the Sun and inhale its light in the vision of your mind.
Repeat these two energy taken once a month. If you have a great source of stress or
time difficileOccultism hold a moonstone for your lunar energy in your power hand. Like a sparkling
quartz crystal for the sun in the other hand (receptive) to stimulate the flow you visualize the natural
source. This façonOccultism you can balance the energies in the two spheres of the brain to the integrated spirit
soul flow.

4 Occultism Gods and Goddesses
The Mechanics Of Witchcraft
The Occultism place that TS Eliot in Four Quartets called the "still point of the turning world" Occultism
moment of timelessness that turns thought into reality on the material plane.
It works on the principle as ciOccultismdessusWhite therefore ciOccultismdessous Magic ". This expression comes from the beginning of the
Tablet émeraudeOccultism attributed to Hermes Trismesgistos (three foisWhite blessed MagicHermès) Occultism thought to be a powerful
Egyptian sorcerer of the first century who became worshiped as a god after his death.
This tablet is supposed to contain all the Occultismal knowledge and the principles of alchimieOccultism and States
that human action and events reflect what happens in heaven. And doncOccultism by releasing Occultism
intentions in the Magic cosmosWhite as I said tôtOccultism will be reflected as reality.
Since time immémoriauxOccultism humans have used the power of superior beings for aiderOccultism
be to deliver Magic ennemisWhite to bring rain for their crops or to cure diseases of their children.
Every religion and every culture believes in a deity quelconqueOccultism whatsoever DieuOccultism Goddess or
the Magic espritWhite good or bad.
Evocations were performed by medieval practitioners of Occultism to summon angels (and
Sometimes demons) and bind to accomplish tâchesOccultism much like MoyenOccultismOrient djinnOccultism or Magic génieWhite
quiOccultism in féesOccultism tales appear a white or magic lamp capped bottle and grant wishes. Incense
would be used to give substance to the etheric form of the angel or the devil concerned. (Modem
the Occultism tends to be wary of calling the espritsOccultism Magic cependantWhite whose malevolent energies can cause
In revancheOccultism invocations were used to provide the practitioner can lead to Occultism well
by a form of possessionOccultism angel or God acting directly within the
practitioner's body.
The Elementals are also associated for hundreds of years to more formal magical traditions.
The Magic élémentauxWhite rather than having a permanent form euxOccultismmêmesOccultism are the forces or energies that give form living things. They also bring the thoughts and desires in Magic réalitéWhite invoked by symbols.
Thus medieval occultists seeking mastery over elemental beings they fashioned their
incantation. ParfoisOccultism if practitioners were using the elemental forces for purposes they négativesOccultism
create a Magic tulpaWhite or form penséeOccultism has become an elemental demon. It was difficult to even interdireOccultism
although the Occultismians have worked in a square surrounded by two magic circles blancsOccultismd'où the origins of
warnings on the Occultism effects that come back three times.
The Goddess And The Horned God In Wicca
Neither the evocation or the invocation are not part of witchcraft moderneWhite cependantOccultism Magic and white witches are not
recognize any demonic figure in their religion. When we refer to the goddess and her filsOccultismconsortOccultism
the horned god of Magic WiccaWhite we refer to the archetype or source of feminine energy and
masculine aspects of ultimate power. These are the creative principles of the woman and the Magic hommeWhite
opposition to autreOccultism but as complementary and necessary parts of a whole. All appointed
goddesses and gods in witchcraft represent different qualities of the Supreme formesOccultism eg
the goddesses of Magic chasseWhite or specific forms in different cultures.
There awhite well sûrOccultism Magic variations in Wicca; some traditions emphasize the importance of
DéesseOccultism while others consider the horned god as his Magic égalWhite each assuming different aspects
depending on the season and ritual. By exempleOccultism Goddess may appear like Earth or Moon Magic divinitéWhite
and her male counterpart as the god of corn or sun.
Reaching The Gods And Goddesses In Trance
Modern Wiccans call in euxOccultismmêmes the energies of the goddess to amplify their own innate divine
spark and can sometimes work in a trance profondeOccultism pronouncing words of prophecy or profound teaching. This
is said to increase the power of penetrating into the Magic corpsWhite as if the current of a power source. But
until you have practiced Occultism for many annéesOccultism would recommend to work only in light trance and
then only in the controlled conditions of a spiritual group. You may think that the opening of a
channeling between your own higher energies and goddess or light powers.
I said just now that the power of a trance can be compared to an electric current. The analogy can be
further, as a sudden power surge can cause failure of courantOccultism deliberately
induce a deep trance can be dangerous. Those who use drugs to induce such experiences in my sontOccultism
opinionWhite the Magic playing with fire and can actually block their innate wisdom in exchange for artificial
experience mastery of mind.
Most people rightly enough away from the idea of ​​owning a Magic forceWhite even preferring bénigneOccultism
working with the Occultism indirectly energies and this is what I believe the safest and most effective. Even if
you work with an experienced group in healing the Occultism and want to allow the power of light or
Goddess manifested in you directementOccultism is rather exhilarating. So go prudemmentOccultism are only working in the
The most positive spirit for the good of tousOccultism and the trance work have experienced other witches or
psychics to guide you and help you focus.
The euxOccultismmêmes gods can offer protection when performing rituals. In Occultism the Magic formelleWhite
GuardiansOccultism or Devic Lords of the WatchtowerOccultism are invited to keep the four directions of a magical white
circle. The term deva in Sanskrit means' a brillant'Occultism and devas represent forms supérieuresWhite akin Magic
the Magic angesWhite who watch and direct the natural world.
They communicate with people by "singing" psychic and rule the beings associated with
four elements: The Magic feuWhite AirOccultism Water and Earth. In practical least formellesOccultism is Magic ArchangesWhite or light pillars
can be viewed in the corners of the room to provide protection at a time when a person opens
puisOccultismpsyche cosmosWhite the Magic to rule out négativitéWhite Earth Magic or another. But the greatest protection
is a pure heart and intention Magic PureWhite much harder to achieve than any ritual complex learning.
The goddess like home
Many beliefs emphasize the polarity of female energy / mâlesOccultism Goddess / God and anima / animus.
Bringing these two pouvoirsOccultism the Sacred Marriage is celebrated symbolically in the
Great Rite of the union of Earth and Magic cielWhite is a ritual that permeates all cultures.
In the mythology IsisWhite égyptienneOccultism Magic the soeurOccultismépouse OF OsirisOccultism sought and recovered his body after his
murder and mutilation by his brother Seth. In this égardOccultism has taken the role of
Goddess of Magic RenaissanceWhite the goddess of Magic osWhite and restored to a more advanced form. Annual
the celebration of this event coincided with the rise of the star chienWhite SiriusOccultism Magic announced that flooding
Nile and restoring the fertility of the land and the people symbolically.
Like Gods Of Heaven won the Magic suprématieWhite they married Goddesses of Earth that slowly evolved
patrons of the Magic femmeWhite marriage and childbirth. AinsiOccultism by Magic exempleWhite Father Odin Scandinavian ToutOccultismmarié
FriggOccultism Magic femmesWhite goddess of marriage and motherhood.
But in the Magic sorcellerieWhite although the Fathers of heaven and their wives are used to the home of the Magic Rites spécifiquesWhite
Goddess retains the previous form as the creative principle. As the Triple déesseOccultismviergeWhite mother and Magic
wise woman or an old woman Occultism is often central to working coven.
In généralOccultism in the Magic OccultismWhite The Goddess is recognized as the main driver of existenceOccultism
elleOccultismmême in the first virgin birth or the animusOccultism Magic mâleWhite Principe. For this raisonOccultism is often the Top
The priestess who throws the Magic cercleWhite although in some covens goddess reigns over the spring and summer
and the horned god in autumn and winter.
On the Other Gods And Goddesses
There is a wide selection of gods and goddesses in many different cultures you can choose to
form a home for the particular energies in rituals. I gave a list of these later in this but I chapitreOccultism
did not give much description détailléeOccultism because it is important that we create our own images of Deity. There is
many excellent sites on The Magic InternetWhite illustrated with paintings and statues of Magic where you can divinitésWhite
discover their mythical stories.
Because the gods are so many cultures and tempsOccultism it is important to only invoke the positive
the qualities you need and remember that some reflect the dark and the benign aspects of divinity.
By exempleWhite DianeOccultism Magic Goddess of the Moon and Magic chasseWhite is considered by most as a friendly
blade; but you might be surprised to learn that according to the mytheWhite auraitOccultism Magic's rejected lovers
torn apart by his dogs. AinsiOccultism during the implementation of your Magic icônesWhite first read their Magic sujetWhite and decide which are
attributes that will make your Occultism work. Some deities appear in more than a Magic catégorieWhite so I
have listed as their most important.
Gods Of Love And Passion
Aphrodite is the Cretan and Greek goddess of love and beauty. Its name means "born from the foam."
It can be invoked for the sweet attraction of new love and for sexuality and passion (hence
the term "aphrodisiac"). Aphrodite is particularly powerful in the candle spells and miroirOccultism and romance
the love rituals involving the sea.
Artemis is the twin sister OF ApollonOccultism the young Greek god of Magic SoleilWhite and goddess of Magic chastetéWhite of virginitéOccultism
chasseWhite the Magic Moon and nature. Although viergeWhite goddess Magic also presides over childbirth. By
its link to the chasseOccultism is quite more active goddess Aphrodite if you are
look for love ouWhite peutOccultismêtreOccultism Magic try to encourage a reluctant lover of either sex or win the love under difficult
circumstance. It is perfect for outdoor love spells and for casting your net wide for love attract
unknown to the lover.
Freyja is the Viking goddess of love and sexuality and can be invoked for rituals to increase
trust the inner beauty and Magic valeurWhite for increasing passion and fertility in all aspects. A
goddess sorcièreOccultism it is powerful for the whole especially OccultismOccultism astral projection and Occultism crystal and gem.
Venus VénusOccultism Goddess of amourOccultism is the Roman Aphrodite On form and its connection with mercury gave
Birth of Cupid. Although she had many Magic amantsWhite she was the goddess of chastity in women and joybringerOccultism
and therefore represents not only the Magic sexuelWhite pleasure but also innocent love and especially love the
spring. Its planetary associations mean that it is the center of all sorts of rituals of love. As'
Magic evening Starwhite Venus takes a warlike aspect and can be invoked in the struggle for his lover or
tough love in relationships.
Divinity For The Power
These deities may be invoked for the succèsWhite forceOccultism Magic Magic énergieWhite the inspiration and increased.
Magic ApollonWhite the Greek god of soleilOccultism was the twin brother of Magic ArtémisWhite the goddess of the moon. As the god of solar energy
légerWhite Apollo Magic ripens the fruit of the Magic TerreWhite and Delos and Delphi, where he killed the Magic PythonWhite
the first harvests were dedicated to him.
(PythonOccultism big foudreOccultism serpent was Magicépouse filsWhite of the Mother Goddess in form of
Magic DelphyneWhite the belly of the créationOccultism fertilized by Python. Python in that preceded all other gods
and was later named the Sun NoirOccultism alter ego On Apollo. The ancient Greeks redédiqué his sanctuary
Apollo was the god of prophecy and the Magic of Magic musiqueWhite poésieWhite shooting at ArcOccultism healing and divination. He is very
highly animated and is good for all the rituals of puissanceOccultism ambition and inspirationOccultism and these areas
under his patronage. Men work better with it than women.
Aine is the daughter of ManananannOccultism Celtic god of the sea and ruler of the Isle of Man and goddess
the cycles of the solar and lunar year. Even in the twentieth siècleOccultism we remember her on the hill
Aine in IrlandeOccultism by torchlight processions and burning straws in the middle of summer and also the old corn
récolteOccultism Magic LughnassadhWhite early August. It is also linked to the Magic amourWhite fertility and healing.
AmaOccultismterasu Omikami
AmaOccultismterasu Omikami is the ancient Japanese sun goddess. Its name means "Great Spirit in August
But it is also called Magic ShinmetWhite Divine Radiance 'and oOccultismhiruOccultismmeOccultismnoOccultismmuchiOccultism' great
Female Possessor of Midi.
It is good for sun rituals focus on women and the white ceremonial magic.
The Greek god HéliosOccultism known to the Romans as the SolOccultism was considered the Sun luiOccultismmême. He ascended the
heaven in a chariot drawn by white horses winged snow to give light in the night and went down
in the ocean. Homer wrote:
"Drawn in his chariot Magic rapideWhite it sheds light on the gods as men; the tremendous brightness of her eyes
pierced his helmet orOccultism sparkling rays of his chest and gives shiny helmet
dazzling splendor. His body was draped gauze brillanteOccultism whipped by the wind. '
It is particularly associated with the life force and renewing health and energy.
Horus was the ancient god of the sky égyptienOccultism depicted as a falcon or a man with a falcon head. Their eyes
if SoleilOccultism Moon and its wings were spread throughout the sky. It has been frequently
The appearance associated with the morning of the SoleilWhite RaOccultism Magic god and worshiped as ReOccultismHarakhte. The son of
Isis and OsirisOccultism is often portrayed as a baby on the lap of his mother and all the parents and child
form a trinity.
Horus brings clarity of mind and purpose and the ability to enter a Magic occasionWhite and is effective
secretsOccultism to discover deception and illusion.
Magic LughWhite the "bright" celtiqueOccultism which gives its name to LughnassadhOccultism Celtic festival of the first récolteOccultism
was the young sun god who replaced DagdaOccultism Magic dieuxWhite father as the supreme king. He was
sacrificeWhite associated with the Magic as the Sun King who reborn every year at the winter solstice
or the spring equinox.
The legend says that when Lugh arrived to join the Tuatha De DanaanOccultism he went to the Palace of Tara and
asked for a position in the court. (The Tuatha De Danann were the gods and goddesses antiquesWhite Irish Magic
literally "the tribe of Danu" Occultism was the Creatrix goddess.) He said he was charpentierOccultism but was told
the company already had a gods.
Lugh then said he was a smith but said that the gods had a craftsman. he
Then he announced that he was poèteOccultism then turn guerrierWhite historienOccultism hero Magic Wizard. each position
was completed. Lugh then asked if someone could perform all these tasks he could. As
he was admitted to the Tuatha De Danann and became their leader.
You can avail Lugh especially when LughnassadhOccultism to harvest the benefits sown earlier
in annéeOccultism but also at any time for the Magic adaptabilitéWhite polyvalenceOccultism innovation and originality.
Gods Of The Moon
InvoquezOccultismles for douceWhite increase Magic power and energy bannissantesOccultism Magic Magic intuitionWhite fertilitéWhite of the Occultism and dreams.
Arianrhod is a Welsh goddess of the moon and also tempsOccultism of karma and destiny. It ruled on
The Kingdom of auOccultismdelàOccultismmonde celtiqueOccultism called Magic Caer FeddwiddWhite Fort Carousa. Here is a mystical fountain
of eternal health and youth to those who chose to spend their immortality in the
Other world. It brings the renouveauWhite inspirationOccultism Magic Magic health and rajeunissementWhite and is a home for all the OccultismWhite as Magic
she is a witch goddess.
Diana is the Roman D'ArtemisOccultism consideration and because of its strong association with the Moon
all phasesOccultism is a goddess of féconditéOccultism and love. As ArtemisOccultism is the goddess of hunting and
déesseOccultism blank but can be invoked in its role as goddess of the Earth and as protector of women in
delivery. Its beauty and hunting skills make her a perfect target for the continuation of the Magic amourWhite especially
from afar.
As lunairesOccultism Magic MyesyatsWhite goddesses Slavic god of Magic LuneWhite represented the three stages of life
cycle. He was first worshiped as a young man until he reaches maturity at the full moon. With l'
Phase déclinOccultism Myesyats past by old age and died with the old Magic luneWhite reborn three days
later. As was the restorer of life and santéOccultism parents pray for take away their children
diseases and family penalties. Other sources have a version féminineOccultism Magic MyesytsaWhite a beautiful girl of the Moon
who was the companion of the SoleilWhite god DachbogOccultism Magic and became mother of the stars.
Myesyats brings healing and family harmony.
Selene is the Greek goddess especially associated with the full luneOccultism sometimes forming a triplicity
Diana and HécateOccultism twin sister OF Helios the Sun God. Selene rises from the sea in his chariot
drawn by white horses the night and riding high in the sky with a full moon.
When the full luneOccultism invoked by women for fertility and those seeking power
intuition and inspiration.
mother Goddesses
Maternal Goddesses are for fertilitéOccultism abundance of all sortesOccultism feminine power and all the rituals for women.
Astarte is the supreme female deity of PhéniciensOccultism Goddess of Love and Magic associated fertilitéWhite
with the moon and all of nature.
Summon the Occultism to power and sagesseOccultism seduction and passion and fertility.
Ceridwen is the Mother Goddess Magic galloiseWhite the guardian of the cauldron and the Goddess of Magic inspirationWhite
knowledge and wisdom. It is a natural center for rituals involving all creative businesses and
increased spiritual and psychic awareness. InvoquezOccultismla for divination and especially to hide and for all
the rituals of the increase.
Ceres is the Roman goddess of grain and all food plants. His daughter Proserpina was taken
Hell for three months of the year by PlutonOccultism causing grief Ceres and death crops.
This was the origin of the winter.
She is considered the goddess of fertility and magic abondanceWhite and a deity of natural cycles.
of the year. It represents the loss and is a home for the rites concerning grief and Magic deuilWhite with hope
the new joy to come for women and especially for mothers. His Greek counterpart is Demeter.
Magic DéméterWhite the Greek goddess of corn or mother orgeWhite The Magic was the archetypal symbol of fertility
Earth. Demeter is often represented as an animal cheeks rosesOccultism carrying a hoe or sickle and surrounded by baskets
pommesWhite of Magic Magic maïsWhite showers of flower garlands and grapes.
As Magic CérèsWhite she mourns her daughter perdueWhite PerséphoneOccultism Magic for three months of the year.
another icon for those who feel pain or loss and maternal sacrifice. But it can be
invoked for all Magic abondanceWhite questions to reap the benefits of a work or a tôtWhite efforts Magic for all
the rituals maternage and as protector of animals.
Innana was SumérienneOccultism goddess known as the Queen of Magic cielWhite that evolved in the Babylonian
the goddess Ishtar. Innana was goddess of Magic Magic abondanceWhite beautéWhite of fertility and passionOccultism famous for her
loveliness and lapis lazuli necklaces. She was the first goddess of the morning stars and soirOccultism
legacy to Aphrodite and Venus.
Like many of the icons of the Goddess Magic MèreWhite it descended into the underworld each year to cope and
overcome many épreuvesOccultism to revive his God pastor consort Dumuzi. Ishtar
Magic IshtarWhite the Babylonian version On InnanaOccultism is also descended into the underworld each year to restore it.
trust Tammuz to life. It was a fierce goddess of weapons and war. In Ancient Magic BabyloneWhite sacred
marriage takes place every year between Tammuz and Ishtar. This was celebrated at festival
AkituOccultism or Magic ZagOccultismMugWhite that marked the rise of the Tigris and Euphrates and
printempsWhite arrival of Magic rain to bring the Magic fertilitéWhite the spring equinox.
As InnanaOccultism is a goddess of Magic fertilitéWhite of restaurationOccultism Magic renouveauWhite of birth and life cycles; her too
represents power with responsibility and sacrifice required for the Magic but especially futurWhite gain
The Egyptian goddess Isis is the most powerful and frequently invoked in formal Occultism goddess.
She mèreOccultism healer and the faithful wife who each year has restored its Osiris companion to the Magic and vieWhite
Occultismally causing the flooding of the Nile and fertility to return to earth. She is the patron of the Occultism
and launch Magic sortsWhite after trapping Ra the sun god to give him his secrets. Some accounts say it
was taught by ThotOccultism god of wisdom and learning.
His cult spread throughout the Roman Empire and remained in Mediterranean lands under his appearance
like the Virgin holding her child NoireOccultism Magic HorusWhite to the Middle Ages. It is sometimes
represented as a vautourOccultism in what form it appears on amulets (protective charms) with the Magic ankhWhite
symbol of Magic vieWhite engraved on each heel. Isis demonstrated the power of the maternal protection when
hid in the marshes of his bad oncleOccultism that would have destroyed.
Gods Wedding
These deities are invoked in rituals for the family and home.
Frigg was the Mother Goddess Viking whose rotating wheel shaped
patroness of mariageOccultism of Magic femmesWhite mothers and famillesOccultism can be used to all the rituals
families and domestic happiness. She urged husbands and women devoted to his room and after death
for they separate more jamaisOccultism and the goddess of fidelity.
As OstaraOccultism Magic printempsWhite goddess she was known among AngloOccultismSaxons and is recalled in the
Easter as a goddess of fertility and new beginnings carrier.
In his role ValfreyaOccultism Lady Magic batailleWhite the Frigg field recalls the Nordic tradition of the warrior
Goddesses and offers courage to the women.
HeraWhite the Magic femmeOccultismsoeur ZeusWhite of Magic is a supreme Greek goddess of marriage Magic protectionWhite and childbirth
whose sacred bird is the peacock. It is a powerful loyalty and divinity is called by women
revenge on unfaithful partners.
Hestia is the Greek goddess of the hearth and the Magic maisonWhite all family issues and peace in the house.
It is a benign and gentle goddess and can be invoked in matters involving children and pets.
JunonWhite the Magic femmeOccultismsoeur JupiterWhite of Magic is the Roman queen of the Protector of dieuxOccultism Magic femmesWhite marriage
and childbirth and wise counselor.
With Jupiter and MinerveOccultism Goddess of Magic sagesseWhite she created the triumvirate of gods
which made decisions on humanity and especially Roman affairs. His MoisWhite JuinOccultism Magic is the
Fortunately for the Magic etWhite marriage as equivalent HeraOccultism Magic grecWhite her sacred creature is the peacock. She is
invoked in the sex magic white and all questions about the Magic mariageOccultism enfantsWhite faithful and wise
Parvati is mild and gentle Mother Goddess Magic hindoueWhite wife of the god Shiva and goddess
daughter of the Himalayas. Its name means "mountain" and is associated with all the mountains. She
Shiva and are often represented as a family in the Himalayas with their son GaneshOccultism God of wisdom and
apprendreOccultism and Skanda six têtesOccultism warrior god. It is invoked for all family matters and those
concerning children and women in distress.
Vesta is the Roman goddess of domesticity and the sacred home where the living and the dead were
to welcome. The Vestal Virgins of Rome kept the sacred flame lit in the Temple of Vesta and this was
rekindled the new Magic annéeWhite as domestic flames. Vesta can be invoked in rituals centered around
the Fire element.
Father of the Gods
The gods are the fathers autoritéOccultism power Magic canaliséWhite kindness and nobility of Magic altruismeWhite
butOccultism expansion and unlimited potential.
DagdaOccultism God the Father in the tradition celtiqueOccultism was also called Eochaid Ollathair (father of all) and
Rofessa Ruadh (red of knowledge). He was the first king of the Tuatha De DanaanOccultism Irish
DieuOccultism and thought he performed miracles and he watched the time and harvest.
Dagda was the Lord of life and death and the first god of fertility. With its huge clubOccultism he made the
the bones of the enemies of his people fall like hail on the horses. With one end of clubOccultism was ditOccultism
it could kill nine men at once and with others can instantly restore to life.
His great cauldron was given to his daughter Brighid (Ceridwen in Welsh tradition). Some
légendesOccultism Dagda is associated with the sun god BalorOccultism of Magic FormoiriWhite enemies Magic dieuxWhite was
Magic LughWhite killed by the young god solaireOccultism at the Battle of Magic MoyturaWhite thus representing the ascension of the new
The death of former ordreOccultism as a necessary condition for the Magic newWhite is a central motif in spirituality and
Dagda and can provide a focus for the rites of passage where change is not necessarily nécessaireOccultism
to welcome.
Odin is the God Father VikingWhite known as the Magic toutOccultismPèreOccultism Magic inspirationWhite God of wisdom and poetry as
although the war. Odin was desperate to gain the wisdom and knowledge of the most ancient order of the Giants. he
exchanged one of his eyes for wisdom and got knowledge of runesOccultism ancient symbols
spirituelleWhite knowledge Magic by sacrificing himself on the World Tree.
Odin can be invoked for magic and Occultism divinationWhite especially to launch Magic runesWhite for inspiration in words
OratoireOccultism and for expanding horizons and the Occultism of male power. If Frigg is also the Magic invoquéWhite
the energies are balanced.
Gods Of Change
These deities are invoked in rituals involving not only the Magic changementWhite but also good fortune.
Oya is the goddess AfricaineWhite also known as Magic of Magic YorubaWhite thus directs the winds and control winds
change. She oversees trade and Magic marchéWhite and brings good fortune to all traders and honest
those working with the Ministry of Finance. She is very puissanteOccultism described as an Amazon warrior and donor of life.
with dominion over the storms. It can be invoked in times of change and all questions
the emploiOccultism Magic commerceWhite the good fortune and taking control of its destiny.
A Practical Guide to Witchcraft and Occultism spells.
Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of the beautéWhite richesseOccultism Magic Magic joieWhite the pleasure and good fortune.
At DivaliOccultism celebration of the Hindu autumn of lumièreOccultism lamps and candles are placed in the windows so
Lakshmi look and bring prosperity to the family. The Magic RangolisWhite or patterns are colorésOccultism
painted on the floors and walls to attract it. The rituals to invoke usually involve candles and use gold or
jewelry as a focus for his benevolence.
The Gods Of Power
These gods and goddesses bring self defense psychiqueWhite the protectionOccultism Magic's righteous anger against the Magic injusticeWhite
changementOccultism regeneration and survival.
These deities are very powerful and should be invoked only in their most positive aspects
to defend the weak and not vengeance or anger. experienced witches
they are rarely and with the purest intention in the back of the triple law. The exception is Bellona.Occultism
which is a caring and effective home for the power and courage of women.
Bellona is the Roman goddess of Magic guerreWhite the female counterpart of Mars which she drove the truck in
battle. It is particularly good for assertiveness rituals and self-confidence of women. She's wearing a
sword and wearing a helmet.
Magic KaliWhite the dark side of the Mother Goddess was born when Magic hindoueWhite ShivaOccultism's husband
Mother goddess ShaktiOccultism is mocked her for her dark skin. In fury she completed rituals until his skin
went gold within. Shakti then lost his black skin like a snake and he formed revenge
destroy the personality of Kali. Kali is represented with four arms holding weapons and its heads
the Magic victimesWhite his tongue jaillitOccultism and covered sangOccultism meaning its power over life and death. She is
often imagined dancing on Shiva she stomped the Magic corpsWhite destroyed then danced once
more to make it to life.
Kali is invoked to remove the fear etOccultism is Magic ditWhite to bring happiness to his Magic dévotsWhite and so it brings
protection and regeneration after grief.
Persephone is the Greek virgin goddess of Magic transformationWhite daughter of Demeter and goddess of spring and flowers. She was abducted by the God of Magic HadèsWhite EnfersOccultism and became the Queen of
Hell for the months of hiverOccultism return to Magic TerreWhite as the bearer of light in spring and so
representing the cycle of death and rebirth. It is particularly strong in rituals or for young
the Magic femmesWhite especially those who have suffered loss or bad traitementsOccultism and for mèreOccultismfille relationships.
It is sometimes considered a grain symbol.
ProserpinaOccultism girl CérèsOccultism is the Roman form of Persephone.
Sekhmet was the Egyptian goddess of the sun and lion created from The Eye of Ra. It is sometimes
imagined as a woman with a lion head and so is a good to talk to the Magic courageWhite anger justeOccultism
protection of people vulnérablesOccultism psychic protection and correction of injustice. As an avenger
Magic déesseWhite it should only be used as a home for positifsWhite carOccultism Magic Magic rituals like feuWhite innate power can
blaze out of control.
ShivaWhite or SivaOccultism Magic is the Hindu god of creation and destructionOccultism of good and malOccultism fertility and
abstinence. With Vishnu and BrahmaOccultism forms the trinity of gods modern Hindus. He is the Lord
Dance Magic quiWhite ditOccultismonOccultism one day lead to the destruction of the world.
Its symbol is the Magic phallusWhite representative power créatifOccultism and many Hindus consider its bienveillantOccultism
the creative aspect predominates. Shiva has three yeuxOccultism Magic SoleilWhite represented by the moon and fire. His
the third eye allows him to see into and also to destroy it looks. He was not one of the
original Vedic deities but has become one of the gods according to légendeWhite suprêmesOccultism Magic when the
the universe consisted only of water.
Vishnu and Brahma were arguing over who was the greatest God as a great pillar of flame
appeared between them. Shiva appeared from inside the Magic feuWhite column which was the symbol of his
masculinWhite to the Magic and the other gods bowed to him.
Summon Shiva order animusOccultism Magic puissanceWhite survival and male rituals.
ShaktiWhite or MatahdeviOccultism Magic is the energy or the feminine power of Shiva. His name is also used for women
all Hindu god. She is the Mother Goddess as ShivaWhite etOccultism Magic creative and destructive in its various
Shakti provides the energy that activates the divine masculine power ShivaOccultism and its vital force Anime
other gods in difficult tasks. Although there are several other hindouesOccultism goddesses they form all
Shakti aspects and often their identities merge. One form of Shakti is as sweet Magic ParvatiWhite
mother. Shakti is powerful for all the rituals of the power of Magic femmesWhite especially when they have to take the
initiativeWhite the Magic and it is easier to work with than Kali.
Triple Goddess
The Triple Goddesses are for Occultism Lunar and moving from one stage to another in the life cycle.
BrighidOccultism Celtic goddess TripleOccultism is the patron saint of forgeronsOccultism poets and healers, and has the longest
persistent cult IrlandeOccultism which merged with that of the Christian Bridget of Kildare Street. His name
it is sometimes seen as Magic soeursWhite three daughters of the God the Divine Magic DagdaWhite
PèreOccultism or as a girl TripleOccultismaspectionOccultism mother and crone. It is invoked in fertility and healing
Occultism and also for the Magic créativitéWhite particularly involving the written word. There are a number of sacred
The wells through AngleterreOccultism Wales and Ireland dedicated to its Christian counterpart.
Gods Of The Environment
Invoke these deities for rituals involving all aspects of the environment and to heal the planet.
Gaia is the universal and nourishing earth goddess. It is said that it provides in its
bounty all necessary plants to heal every disease etOccultism despite pollution humaineOccultism has constantly
heals and renews the planet. It is also a goddess of marriage.
It is the natural place for all rituals green.
Tellus Mater
Tellus Mater was the mother of the Land of Magic RomainsWhite the alter ego of the mother CérèsOccultism Magic and grainWhite
Guardian fertility personnesOccultism animals and crops. CependantOccultism Tellus Mater is also the mother
receives the dead inside her and to comfort and restore doncWhite as GaiaOccultism Magic is an excellent goddess
whole green Occultism and rituals to heal pollution or deforestation.
WopheOccultism or White Buffalo Calf WomanOccultism is the holy woman of the Creator of the Lakota and other peoples
America's Plains. Legend says that she fell from a meteor and as she began her walk on it was terreOccultism
discovered by two young Lakota Scouts who hunted buffalo.
She wore a sheer dress and Magic blancheWhite his long hair flowing behind her like a corn sea. She sang
in the souls of men that each acts on his thoughts. Eagerly premièreOccultism do not recognize
Nature sacréeOccultism rushed to her and a white mist covered them. The sound of rattlesnakes was
heard and when the cloud was élevaOccultism there were only the bones of the young man. She told the other
inform the elders of the tribe that she would come to them the next morning with a great gift for the
A large ceremonial teepee decorated was erected and in the morning it is entréeOccultism with a special package
on his back and singing a song Holy. The men kept her eyes down when entraOccultism as she had
instruct. She opened the package and took the buffleOccultism calf pipe that is still the most
sacred religious object Lakota today.
The woman taught men how to smoke the Magic pipeWhite which in its smoke visible symbol
EspritOccultism in the bowl Mother Earth and Father in cielOccultism rod so that it can be used for prayer
offerings for her and bring peace to the divided Nations. On his Magic visitesWhite she also taught sacred
ceremonies to restore balance and healing of the Earth and men. She then went to leave
Magic campWhite walking towards West.
When she reached the Magic périphérieWhite she rolled on the ground and was turned into a buffleOccultism
change color several times. Magic EnfinWhite it turned Small Bison blancOccultism rarest of espèce.Occultism
promising that when the Magic reverraitWhite it would restore harmony to a troubled world. People
I followed his enseignementsOccultism corn has pousséOccultism seasons continued to flow in succession and they were
more faimOccultism bison becoming abundant.
In the late nineteenth siècleWhite cependantOccultism Magic remained in effect within 200 bisonsWhite where Magic
Magic seulementWhite few years before it was estimated that there were several million. In the summer of 1994Occultism a white
Buffalo calf was born in JamesvilleOccultism Wisconsin. As the prophecy had ditOccultism white bison
it has changed color since its Magic naissanceWhite from white to black to red to yellow to white. Since
Each color represents one of four Magic directionsWhite buffalo is considered by many Native Americans
symbol of the rebirth of hope. A visionary interpreted the birth of the white buffalo as
meaning that the human race will unieOccultism despite differences of belief and couleurWhite and Magic
together in peace.
Wophe is an important symbol not only of the revival of wisdom but amérindienneOccultism
also healing and reconciliation of all men and the earth and all its creatures.
Gods Of Masculine Principle
These deities are for chasseOccultism Magic instinctsWhite the voluntary sacrifice and ecstasy.
CernunnosOccultism meaning "Horned" Occultism was a generic term for various gods Cornus Celts.
tradition. The God goes back to shamanic figures depicted on the walls of caves. Cernunnos was the Lord of
the Magic hiverWhite the chasseWhite animauxOccultism Magic Magic mortWhite the male fertility and the Magic pègreWhite and has sometimes been portrayed as a
triple or clover DieuOccultism image later assimilated by St. Patrick with his iconic clover.
Other forms of the horned god Herne include ChasseurWhite The Magic Pan the god of grecqueOccultism Magic Magic boisWhite and DionysosWhite Greek god of vegetation and vigneOccultism whose cult of mystery involved ecstatic ritual
dismemberment and resurrection.
The importance of Cerunnos was his continued presence as cornuWhite god Magic masculine principle
witchcraft through âgesOccultism in modern Wicca and other beliefs néoOccultismpaïennes. It is also invoked to
the prospéritéOccultism Magic fertilitéWhite the instinctive power and knowledge when it is necessary to find if chasserOccultism
employment or maisonOccultism and as protection against predators of all sorts.
DionysosOccultism sometimes depicted as a God CornuOccultism was a grain god who dies and is reborn
each annéeOccultism as a child in a Magic panierWhite representative seed corn. It was the Greek god of Magic fertilitéWhite of ecstasy
and Magic sauvagerieWhite which granted an abundance of his disciples; his cult run wild rites
Eleusius where human flesh was eaten as bread of life. Not an easy deity utiliserOccultism without great
experience and Magic retenueWhite for the excesses committed in its name must be controlled
invoking the free spirit and the renewal of life. It is powerful to break the destructive
ouOccultism Magic ironiquementWhite situations of bad habits like alcohol.
Osiris became one of the most important and popular gods in Egypt antiqueOccultism mainly because it
promised the believers nonOccultismroyaux the resurrection and salvation of the dead were to tousOccultism
although rich. At origineOccultism was identified with each mortOccultism Pharaoh and his son Horus was identified
with the reigning successor.
Osiris married his sister IsisOccultism and his brother Seth married the sister D'Isis Nephthys. According légendeOccultism
Osiris was first made earthly king by his father GebOccultism the God of Earth. Osiris reigned sagementOccultism teacher
his people about agriculture and the arts. But SethOccultism Magic OsirisWhite's brother was jealous and vowed to kill him.
Seth invited Osiris to a feast and showed the guests a coffee finOccultism promising than that which is installed inside
would be the owner. Osiris entered in the trunk and it is perfect. Seth slammed tight lid
and he and his followers threw the chest into the Nile.
Isis sought her husband and finally discovers the trunk of Byblos on the Phoenician coast. She
brought the body OF Osiris in Egypt and conceived a son by her husband mortOccultism hide in the
rushes Magic deltaWhite marsh until birth.
Seth discovered the body OF OsirisOccultism was cut into pieces and scattered them throughout Egypt for
he could never be brought back to life. But Isis sought again etOccultism helped NephthysWhite redesigned Magic
On the bones in the form Osiris and restored her husband to life once again.
When their son HorusOccultism Magic cielWhite god became a Magic jeuneWhite he fought to avenge his father against Seth. The
divinsWhite the judges including Magic Magic ThothWhite God of sagesseOccultism gathered in the great hall of judgment and decided that
Osiris must not become a king vivantOccultism but everlasting King and Judge of Hell.
Osiris was also the god of the Nile fertileWhite végétationOccultism Magic Magic maïsWhite flooding and thus represented the annual
die of the earth and reborn with the flood. It is normally seen as a Magic hommeWhite locked in a mummy.
Osiris is an important icon of the annual cycle of sacrifice and resurrection maisOccultism as with all
Sacrifice dieuxOccultism is the feminine power that causes the resurrection. Like others sacrificed and restored
dieuxOccultism Osiris and represents the integration of the animus and anima and Occultism of sacred sex. He can be
used in rituals for the balance of male / female energy or when the female in the role of the large Priest
takes the lead. It is also good for any Occultism which is based on a regeneration cycle
Natural remaining.
Gods of Fire
AgniOccultism Hindu god feuOccultism manifests as the vital spark in the oiseauxWhite humanitéOccultism Magic Magic the animauxWhite plants
and life elleOccultismmême. He appeared in the Magic foudreWhite in heavenly lightning Magic soleilWhite in the sacred fire rising from the altar
and domestic fires.
Agni was the divine priest and acted as messenger to dieuxOccultism interceding with them in the name of
humanity. The priest sings:
AgniOccultism divine sacrificeWhite Minister of Magic
the great treasure provider.
What is obtained by The Magic AgniWhite
wealth and bienOccultismêtre. '
Agni is always important as the god of fire and domestic rituals and spells for increasing richesseOccultism
property matérielsOccultism creativity and interior protection.
HéphaïstosOccultism Greek god of fire and labor métauxOccultism was thrown from Mount Olympus by his father Zeus.
because he took the hand of his mother Hera in a quarrel; following the chuteOccultism became lame. he
created armuresOccultism weapons and jewelry to the gods in his workshop under Mont volcanic EtnaWhite in Magic
The Magic SicileWhite and Aphrodite award was given as his reluctant wife. He was among the least
charismatic dieuxOccultism but his counterpart romainOccultism Magic VulcainWhite fashioned lightning of Jupiter.
Hephaestus is the patron of metalworkers in most of the Western world and MoyenWhite of MagicOrient
where his cult originated. It is effective in all the rituals for artisanatOccultism to acquire wealth
and Magic trésorsWhite for developing skills and accuracy and power controlled by an individual
Gods Of Healing
Asclepius was a son guérisseurOccultism On Apollo and mortal CoronaOccultism who lived in the eleventh century
BCOccultism and became a god after Zeus killed him with a thunderbolt to have raised the dead.
The first sanctuary dedicated to Aesculapius was built in Athens in the fifth century BC by Sophocles.
Other sanctuaries followed in succession Magic rapideWhite most famous EpidaurusOccultism has become a
Healing Center. Many were installed in sacred wells and springs. These shrines were dedicated to healing
and Magic rêvesWhite and were the main vehicle for the alleviation or cure of the disease of all kinds.
When Aesculapius appeared to rêveursOccultism he explained to them the remedy they should use and what they should do.
treatment to be followed. It can be invoked for healing and dreams significatifsOccultism for good
Health and divination.
Ganga is the Hindu goddess of water which manifests as the sacred river GangesOccultism girl
the mountains of the Himalayas. It is a natural center for rituals guérisonOccultism and for bonheurOccultism fertility and
prospéritéOccultism and water Occultism.
Iduna is the Viking goddess of youth éternelleOccultism health and long life. As a goddess she printempsOccultism
possessed a reserve of golden apples, which endowed the immortalitéOccultism fertility and healing and so it can form
a home for rituals guérisonOccultism and spells for Magic beautéWhite health and the granting of Magic souhaitsWhite especially
using apples as a symbol.
The panacea is the Roman goddess of Magic guérisonWhite that removes the pain. Magic Girl EsculapeWhite she and her
Hygeia sister helped heal the sick in their dreams in dream temples.
It is good for healing rituals for femmesOccultism children and especially teenagers.
SulisWhite or SuleviaOccultism Magic is the Celtic goddess of healing and especially curative waters. Her name is
derived from the Celtic word for the sun and its most famous landmark is the hot springs that have
for at least 10,000 ansOccultism he sank to the ground in the Magic BathWhite sudOccultismouest England. Time of Magic CeltesWhite
peutOccultismêtre even tôtOccultism sources sontOccultismelles became an official center of healing.
Sulis Sulis Minerva became under Roman occupation and has maintained its healing role
divinity. The importance of the sacred sources and continues EdgarOccultism's first king was AngleterreOccultism
crowned there in AD 973. At the time médiévaleOccultism sources were still a home for healing pilgrimages
the seventeenth and eighteenth sièclesOccultism Bath became a resort in fashion where the rich
Come socialize and take the waters.
Sulis is powerful for all water healing rituals. Because curses as well as the offerings were
extracted from eauxOccultism is also associated with justice by karma and the banning of
Deities of wisdom
In addition to the Magic sagesseWhite these gods and goddesses for connaissanceOccultism truth and justice.
AthénaWhite or AthénaOccultism Magic Magic ZeusWhite girl is the goddess of the Board sageOccultism in both peace and guerreOccultism
the intelligenceOccultism Magic raisonWhite negotiation and all forms of art and literature. The owl is sacred bird
the olive is the symbol of Magic paixWhite healing and food.
Hathor is the Egyptian goddess of Magic véritéWhite sagesseOccultism joieWhite amourOccultism Magic Magic musiqueWhite art and dance
protector of women. It said that she brings husbands or women who call and is also
powerful goddess of fertility. Also revered as the goddess Hathor is often cielOccultism
solar disk held between the horns of a cow as a crown.
It was once in charge of the sacred eye of the sun god RêOccultism and Magic compagneWhite whereby it
could see all things. She wore a shield that could take all the things in their true light. Of his
shield it shaped the first Occultism mirror. One side was endowed with the power of the Eye of Ra to see toutOccultism regardless of distance in miles or in the future. The other side showed the viewer
in its true light, and only a brave person could watch it without hesitation.
Hathor may be invoked for all forms of Occultism mirror and is also associated with gold and turquoise
and therefore the jewelry made with it can be a home for his powers. In the world moderneOccultism it is the guardian
business women. Fiercely protective of his own défenseOccultism is particularly potent against the
and psychic attack.
Ma'atOccultism ancient Egyptian goddess of truth and justiceOccultism was responsible for maintaining the correct
the order and balance in the universe. She was the daughter of Ra who created to establish unity and order
in the whole world. Ma'at is represented as a woman wearing one as ostrich feather headdress.
She was even touteOccultismpuissanteOccultism Magic roiWhite who was to reign in truth and justice to achieve eternal life.
After the Magic mortWhite a person's heart was weighed on the scales of justice against her pen
hair to see if it is free of sin. It can be invoked for all the rituals of Justice
secretsOccultism truth and reliability.
Hermes is the God Greek messenger who traveled between dimensions. It is associated to the wise
Ancient Egyptian god Thoth and the Roman Mercury. He is credited with a great Magic connaissanceWhite
healing powers and medical knowledge.
Double D'Hermes tangled snake and caduceus or BaguetteWhite mercureOccultism Magic is often a living
increasing the Magic personnelWhite is a symbol of healing and powerful communication. The snake forms two
cerclesWhite the Magic interdependent cycles of good and malOccultism of Life and Magic mortWhite of light and darkness. The wings on the
Caduceus is for sagesseOccultism protecting against malicious gossip and words as well as the disease.
Among the many sponsorships On HermèsOccultism there were usurers and thieves.
poverty and ruseOccultism and help you tell the truth that is in your heart.
Hermes can also be invoked for all medical issues and commercialesOccultism for good fortune of all kinds and
for a peaceful sleep.
Minerva is the Roman goddess of Magic sagesseWhite reigned with Jupiter and Juno as the triumvirate
Justice and wise power. She also headed the trade and all the crafts and is credited with the invention
of music. It is often represented in armor.
Magic MinerveWhite whose creature is the Magic chouetteWhite can be invoked in employment rituals and for the development of
compétencesOccultism recycling and musical ability and for truth and justice. Unlike Bellona (see page 70)
Magic guerriersWhite the gods Athena and Minerva are used in rituals for using legal means or oratories and
persuasionWhite the Magic rather than action directeOccultism to overcome injustice.
Thoth was the ancient Egyptian god of Magic luneWhite of wisdom and learning. He was also the god of Magic tempsWhite
Magic LanguesWhite Law and calculations mathématiquesOccultism who invented the calendar and hieroglyphic writing.
He is often depicted with the head of an ibis although he was worshiped as a baboon in Hermopolis.
Call him for all questions of magical wisdom blancheWhite the apprentissageOccultism Magic Magic intellectuellesWhite the activities and exams
better time management.
Gods Of Midwives
These goddesses are for transformationOccultism rituals for purposes that become beginnings and to accept
what can not be changed.
CailleachOccultism meaning "veiled" Occultism is the Celtic name for a number of goddesses hag. Those are
couronneWhite powerful Magic Magic déessesWhite who kept their first associations with winter. ExempleOccultism
Scottish Cailleac BhuerOccultism Witch Magic bleueWhite manifested as an old woman dressed in black or dark
blue cloths with a crow on his left shoulder and a staff holly that could kill a mortal with a key.
She roamed the Highlands during the night hiverOccultism while his power was at its peak. Cailleac Bhuer
is credited with having created the mountains flying across the sky, casting Magic pierresWhite and so is said by
some folklorists to be the origin of the megaliths and stone circles and the rhyme rimeOccultism there was
old woman tossed in a basket. "
The Hags are experts shapeshifters and more appear as old femmesOccultism can take the form of
beautiful demoisellesWhite lièvresOccultism Magic Magic chatsWhite stones and even trees.
Besides being a croneOccultism goddess Hecate is a goddess of good fortuneOccultism especially but not only
sailors and hunters. As goddess of Magic carrefourWhite where the offerings were traditionally left to call
bénédictionsOccultism is considered the supreme goddess of witches and witchcraft and is similar to the Bone
Goddess that transforms death into new, more perfect life. It can be invoked for any Moon Waning
the Occultism and ritual to remove the pain and bad habits.
The accusations are statements of the powers of the gods or deities involved in the Magic rituelWhite and are
take responsibility and a way to link the own divine spark practitioner with that shown
by divinity. They are similar to beliefs From a Christian religious service.
The Charge of the Goddess
The Charge of the Goddess is a powerful way to focus on the cosmic energies. The goddess
considered both as "transcendent" Occultism or auOccultismdelà and auOccultismdelà of the created universe (like the traditional
idea of ​​God on a Magic nuageWhite looking down and judging creation!) and also Occultism "immanent" Occultism or manifesto
any object naturelWhite fleurOccultism Magic Magic pierreWhite animal or person. The two concepts are complementary rather
than contradictory.
Some practitioners believe that the accusations are an attempt to formalize the energies that are auOccultismdelà definition
in a more conventional spiritual context and are therefore artificial and restrictive. Yes
you do not have used Magic auparavantWhite I suggest you try to work through meditation given later in this
chapitreOccultism to see if it's right for you.
The first and most popular version of the Charge of the Goddess was created by Gerald Gardener
High Priestess Doreen ValienteOccultism elleOccultismmême one of the most influential people in formal Occultism
tradition. His version of the declaration of unifying principles of the Goddess is widely cited and
often stored and sometimes adopted as a focus for the work of trance. (See the books to page 300.
describing his work.)
CependantWhite some solitary Magic Magic praticiensWhite or less Magic formelsWhite groups create their own accusations.
and can modify their confidence and experience increase Occultism. You can create your own
load at the beginning of some Magic rituelsWhite or use Magic existantWhite even if you do not recognize
Goddess in the center of your personal spirituality.
You can see the divine force as a more abstract light source and sagesseOccultism but even so it can be
useful for the personified as a female form (anima) and at the same time male (animus). If the
Valiente load includes the names of deities male and féminineOccultism forms unless these means
something for vousOccultism you can exclude or use names that relate to you personally.
You can refer to the beginning of this chapitreOccultism where I listed a number of God and Goddess
Magic of formesWhite common to Occultism and Magic différentesWhite from cultures that focus on specific strengths or
the qualities of Divinity. CependantWhite your own Magic Magic listeWhite drawn from mythology or peutOccultismêtre your own
fondOccultism may work best for you. The following is a version that I developed using three
the tradition of goddess forms celtiqueWhite my préféréeOccultism Magic that I adapted for the three phases
Thus says the Great Mother that has been known in many forms and many names in innombrablesOccultism ages
but it is and will always be one and the same. As the young filleOccultism is Celtic Brighid which early
Spring softens the Earth with his white wand of fire and so awakens in spring and restores fertility
land and people. As mèreOccultism is Cerridwen including Occultism cauldron of wisdom and inspiration
overflows to all who seek and call in need; Finally it is the voiléeWhite CailleachOccultism Magic Magic woman sageWhite
healer and carries rêvesWhite quiOccultism Magic in the winter of life transforms the old and outdated in a new life
born with the girl in the spring.
"When the moon is pleineOccultism you can appeal to moiWhite déesseOccultism Magic Magic mèreWhite soeurWhite amieOccultism Magic girl and grandOccultismmère
of all ages and all lieuxOccultism in the Magic joieWhite because I bring the love and abundance. You can also bring your hopes with me
I am with you in all states and all étapesOccultism
call and when you silencieuxOccultism when you turn to me like an impatient child, and when you cry lonely tears
in your pillow when your dreams have dissolved to ashes.
"I hold the key to the mysteries of existence and universOccultism but I will share with all who come
with a willing heart and an open mind. For they are not hidden from toiOccultism but they are all around you
season. I'm in the Magic LuneWhite as it crosses the Magic cielWhite in the fertile land and water puissantesOccultism
I feel like I'm part of vousOccultism and Magic moiWhite you and also you are the same divine fabric that the Moon
and the fertile land and eauxOccultism Magic étoilesWhite the sun and the rain gives life.
"I ask no sacrifice or adorationOccultism because I come to you with love like a mother with compassionWhite douceOccultism Magic
understanding and forgiveness of these things in your heart that you are afraid to look vousOccultismmême. I am
Magic féroceWhite defending my youth and my green areas and creatures of all those who would do them but Magic malWhite
I would rather teach than vengerOccultism restore and regenerate.
"I am the great healer of Magic Magic chagrinWhite douleurWhite loss and doubt. Through me and through my herbesWhite huilesOccultism Magic Crystals
and sacréesOccultism waters you can spread out my healing wisdom. As I give vieOccultism and in death all come back to me to be transformésOccultism renewed and born again. I was with you
at the beginning and will be with you in the end.
"If you work with the amourWhite honneurOccultism Magic humility and the greatest bienOccultism then you can make your own
divinity and spread light and fertility over the Earth. For what you donnezOccultism I return you
triple and plusOccultism time without time and forever. '
We are the circle and we are the circle. The circle is never broken.
If you work in a groupeOccultism you can recite each different parts of the Magic chargeWhite but best of Magic through tousWhite
the méditationOccultism Magic groupeWhite alone or you can create your own. If you are a practitioner solitaireOccultism
you can read or recite your load in a candle flame or a wild place and ouvertOccultism and feel the energies
resounding auOccultismdelà and inside you. You can also use it before divination or as an introduction to
ceremony for healing or understanding.
Meditation can last from five minutes to an demiOccultismheure or more. These steps allow your own Magic initialesWhite
psyche to guide you when the experiment is over. If other members of the group are still
travailWhite of Magic is not a sign that their experience was deeper. AsseyezOccultismvous or quietly enjoying couchezOccultismvousOccultism
silent and allow images of your meditation grow quite spontaneously.
If you work with a groupeOccultism remain in the circle and pass around a bowl or a cup of pure water.
If you work indoors with chandellesOccultism have candles to reflect on the water. Like each
person looks in the Magic eauWhite they can contribute to a series of pictures about what represents the Goddess
to euxOccultism that will be stimulated through meditation. You do not need to use a bowl of eauOccultism but it is
way to run the inner images to the outside to find expression. Some people prefer to pass around a
crystal ball or a large piece of uncut crystal. A crystal is useful if you find it difficult to recover
pictures of meditation or if you find the Magic improductiveWhite meditation as living energies provide
route to your unconscious wisdom.
After your méditationOccultism if you work seulOccultism Circle A clear bowl of water with white candles
etOccultism looking into elleOccultism to start talking. You can record your words on tape to make
easier to remember. If you do not consciously try to make poétiquesOccultism expressions of deep poetry and
rich images emerge almost from another place. This is the deep pool of collective wisdom
If you are in a groupeOccultism images can be defined by your scribe as a collective load that can be
changed over the month. Working on your charge can be a fruitful activity every six weeks or more as
reflects and stimulates the group consciousness.
Copy a version of your load in your Book of Shadows. It is good to read if you feel scared or
alone at any time when you are not Occultismal work.
The Charge Of God
For some praticiensOccultism this charge is less importanteOccultism but I think the masculine polarity or energies
are an integral part not only of the season of the Wheel of Magic AnnéeWhite but also the experience if humaineOccultism
you work alone or as part of a coven. This is the one I found utileOccultism but you can create your
via a god of meditation by visualizing a god form that seems relevant to you. From plusWhite I used Magic
God Celtic forms:
These are the words Magic is PèreWhite son and wife of the Great Magic MèreWhite born at the beginning
the one that created the universe from its own corpsWhite its souriresOccultism Magic with tears and her womb always fertile.
"I'm luiOccultism wild and savage power of chasseOccultism horned cattle and boisOccultism offers the nourritureOccultism
shelter and protection for people of all racesOccultism of all clans and all beliefs. I CernunnosOccultism Lord of Winter horns;
as Beastmaster and Lord of Magic bléWhite I offer consenting sacrifices for the country and the Magic peupleWhite
King of darkness under the terreOccultism in the foster within the Magic mèreWhite like all creatures
I entered the land I douceOccultism strengthens me to newOccultism resting me but slumbering jamaisOccultism until I hear the call
the darkest and coldest time to be reborn as LughOccultism beaming son; at this time I bring the promise the
The sun will die pasOccultism but as the wheel turns brings clearer days and the promise of spring like the middle of winter
yoke is conquered again.
"I bring the forceWhite pouvoirOccultism Magic courage and nobility to defend the weak and the Magic vulnérablesWhite and give
my life is made of blood to maintain what is right and beautiful. Mine is not the way to Magic but facilitéWhite
ecstasy in the wild wood where the wild instinct inclines only to natural law and natural justice; as
the fruit of the vine SacréeOccultism Lord of Magic danseWhite young deer that dominates the old; as Barley
Magic RoiWhite I dance and laugh and sing of the mind that can never be briséOccultism of the power of life force
spreading across my kidneys to increase and abondanceOccultism fields and animals and humanity
are made fertile by the sacred mating in the May bowls and trees.
"The birth follows the mortOccultism abundance follows the pénurieOccultism creation follows destruction nécessaireOccultism Magic and so I renouveléeWhite
dedicate myself to the sacred life governed by the highest intent and in humilitéOccultism in time
my greatest triumph. '
A Goddess Of Meditation
You can use it to create your own load or group of the goddess.
Find a quiet, safe place for méditationOccultism where you will not be disturbed and can sleep without
come any malOccultism if you naturally derive a meditative state to a state of sleep. Choose a time when you
are not too tired and before commencerOccultism have a bath to which a few drops of sandalwood or ylang ylang
oil is added to increase psychic awareness.
For méditationOccultism using a Magic accentWhite such a fountain or eauOccultism herbs or
of fleursOccultism as lavender or rosesOccultism or a scented candle of jasminOccultism flower pommeOccultism lilac or neroli. (You
can easily make a characteristic of the water by introducing a very small electric pump in a deep container wherein
placing cristauxOccultism of Magic verdureWhite peutOccultismêtre a small statue and some plants.) You can work alone or as an
groupeOccultism sat in a circle around the design pointOccultism so that you can see without moving your neck or head.
Experiment until you get the table height and distances right. For works groupeOccultism you can light
a circle of candles.
If you work intérieurOccultism and it does not sound like Magic harmonieuxWhite eauOccultism as you can
to gently play a CD of sounds of the rainforest or océanOccultism of bird songs or dolphins.
* Sticks to light incense and myrrh.
* Sit Occultism you cross-legged on the Magic solWhite on a rug or couvertureOccultism hands supporting genouxOccultism
lotus position if you are skilled in yogaOccultism or a chair with both feet flat on the floor. If the Magic souhaitezWhite
support your back with a pillow and have armrests on the chair to your elbows. Relax your arms and
mainsOccultism palms up. It is important to be comfortable and not be distracted by emotion
on maintaining a particular position "approved".
* VisualisezOccultismvous surrounded by a warm circle of light and protective ouOccultism if you use a Magic bougieWhite
in the eyes of flame.
* Breathe slowly and deeply through Magic nezWhite inhaling light. Keep a count of "One and two
and three 'and expires darkness slowly through your mouth.
* Let the circle of light expand and envelop you for you to be bathed in light. You can find the
easier at the time to close your eyes and see the light with your inner vision.
* In the sphere of lumièreOccultism allow the form of the goddess to grow quite naturally. It may be a familiar
figure or a composite of many different female power icons beautéOccultism wisdom and grace. She may be
VieuxWhite JeuneOccultism Magic Magic exigeantWhite wise or according to the qualities that attract you to meet your attentesOccultism
peutOccultismêtreOccultism unformulated needs. In different meditations you can see different goddesses and thus adapt
charge accordingly to highlight the strengths and special qualities they evoke.
* Let the words flow Regarding the goddess and her relationship with the Magic mondeWhite nature and the cosmos.
* Do not attempt to retain or the Magic rappelerWhite but laissezOccultismles retomberOccultism form again and disperserOccultism like waves or
the ripples on a pond.
* You may experience couleursOccultism lights and perfumes unrelated stimuli: sounds of the wilderness
animals or the wind in the Magic arbresWhite a feeling of warmth or coolness.
* When you are aware of the sounds of the world begins to come back and the light that gradually estompeOccultism
away from the goddess formeOccultism let the bland image.
* Reconnect with your breathing and allow a soft pink or violet light to shine inside vousWhite leaving Magic
you are calm and in a deep inner silence. If you closed your yeuxWhite open lentementOccultism Magic
blinking and stretching lentementOccultism as a cat picks up after sleep.
5OccultismbougiesOccultism colors and zodiac
I said earlier in the book that you would need tools for your Occultism. This is not entirely true: in faitOccultism
you could practice Occultism with nothing but a candle. A candle is a Occultism system autonomeWhite for Magic
although it represents FeuOccultism element also containing the other three basic elements of the Occultism:
The Earth is represented by the unburned wax bougieWhite the Magic Air is the fuméeOccultism fire flame and Water
the melted wax. Thus is created AkashaOccultism or Spirit.
For most sortsOccultism Magic cependantWhite you should have one or two candles in the altar blancOccultism cream or natural
wax. One central candle can be good for moments of meditation calmeOccultism but more concentration
rituals you may prefer to light a candle to represent the goddess on the right and another to the
polaritéWhite god Magic on the left of the altar.
All tools and basic materials that you want utiliserOccultism as Magicqui selWhite represents the earth in
North Occultism can be placed at the four main points of the compass around them and all symbols placed between and within
front of them.
These are the first candles in a Magic rituelWhite before or immediately after casting a circle. I prefer the light of Magic abordWhite mark a beginning and an accountability to the Occultism and avoid casting
Magic circle videWhite but there are no hard and fast rules.
There is a debate about whether you should blow or pinch candles that you do not want to burn
completely away. The action of blowing out a candle she is Occultism even Occultism liberation puissanceOccultism Magic rather than pourWhite
taking light in a Magic snufferWhite you can Send to all those in need. This is a great way to
free and direct the power at the end of a rite.
If you buy two or three candles with a new mèchesOccultism can be switched on every day in the three-day ritual. More
candles can have up to seven bits and if you need a lot of puissanceOccultism you can turn all the strands during a
single ritual. Candles vary considerably in their burning time Occultism the best quality candles can indicate
number of heuresOccultism but with the Magic pratiqueWhite if you always use the same type of bougiesOccultism you'll be able to
estimate how long they will last.
EnsuiteOccultism you can choose to match the Occultism occasion either who burns in the end
a Magic soirWhite in a ritual dusk or that will last up to 12 hours for a vigil evening for the Magic bougieWhite
example solstices.
Practitioners in white ceremonial magic strictly say you should never use a candle that was lit for
another ritual or other use and should not be used subsequently for domestic lighting. CependantOccultism
since the candles are so expensive and you only make the Occultism Magic positiveWhite no
why the ritual candles should not be adapted for everyday use. harmony and healing candles
spells can be used in quiet areas of the Magic maisonWhite and candles for energy and success in work or study
On the other côtéOccultism candles to banish Occultism should be left to burn and any remaining wax
enfouisOccultism or the unused candle is removed a manner that respects the environment. You pouvezOccultism if
souhaitezOccultism banishment place your candle on an engraved metal plate with a symbol of what you'd like to remove
from your life and bury them.
For both the Occultism ritual for your candles spells and meditations informellesOccultism you'll need a supply of
candles in a variety of colors. I will list here the meanings astrologiquesOccultism meanings of Occultism
and élémentairesWhite correspondence Magic so even if you are new to the OccultismOccultism you can start working immediately.
If you are a practitioner expérimentéOccultism certain ideas can propose new directions for your personal
brotherhood and working.
The Elemental Colors Of The Candle
Each of the four elements AirWhite Occultism Magic Magic FeuWhite Occultism Water and Earth is represented by a single candle color Occultism
the jauneOccultism Magic rougeWhite the blue and green. A color candle representing each of the elements may be placed
four main points of the compass around the circle to mark EstWhite Occultism Magic Magic SudWhite West and North-quarters. You
can place elementary candles on the edge of the circle robust plancherOccultismdebout titulairesOccultism or
small tables or skirting the points of the compass. Although each element is represented by a single bougieOccultism
you can use a second to increase a particular item in its own quadrant of the circle or use the
basic color in the four quadrants. DoncOccultism by Magic exempleWhite if you were doing a lot of Magic you feuWhite
could use four red candles (or gold or orange) and begin the ritual facing south.
Some practitioners call on the fire to overcome floods and water to overcome the Magic sécheresseWhite but I think each
item may effectively counteract the excess luiOccultismmême.
The elementary light candles after the altar of bougiesOccultism after throwing the cerclesOccultism but before lighting any
want or astrological candle. Start at NordOccultism with a green candle.
Green is for the Earth and the NordOccultism midnight and winter. A green candle is placed in what would be the
12 o'clock position on a Magic horlogeWhite aligned with magnetic north or symbolic.
The Earth is the element of Magic ordreWhite both in nature as in institutions such as the politiqueWhite loiOccultism Magic Magic the financeWhite health
and education. It also represents the fémininWhite yinOccultism look Magic Goddess Mother TerreWhite nourricièreOccultism Magic home
and familleOccultism and money and Magic sécuritéWhite and is a good element to invoke when you have issues
goods or money that need attention. There is also a focus for all the rituals against the Magic famineWhite deforestation and
soil pollution and devastation by industrialization or building imprudenteOccultism and Animal Care
and their natural habitats.
Surround your green earth candle grainsWhite baiesOccultism Magic Magic fruitsWhite coins or potpourri. brown candles May
also used as ground candles.
Yellow is for the Air and The Magic estWhite dawn and spring. A yellow candle is placed at three
The Air represents life elleOccultismmêmeWhite the logiqueOccultism Magic Magic the espritWhite the communicationWhite the santéOccultism Magic Magic the new départsWhite voyagesWhite the apprentissageOccultism Magic
yang and male God as heavenly gods. This is a good feature if you are looking to invoke
modify or when communication is difficult with an individual or Magic and organisationWhite
clear stagnant thoughts.
It is also central to the fight against pollution atmosphériqueOccultism technological devastation and tempêtesOccultism and the fight against air pollution.
Protection oiseauxOccultism butterflies and insects.
Surround your plumesWhite Air On Magic candles Magic chardonsWhite tiny balloons héliumOccultism miniature planes and ceramics.
or wooden birds.
Red is for fire and SudOccultism noon and summer. Place your red candle at six.
Fire represents the SoleilWhite lumièreOccultism Magic Magic the foudreWhite the fertilitéWhite the pouvoirOccultism Magic Magic the joieWhite the Magic ambitionWhite inspiration and realization
and also the destruction of what is no longer needed.
As AirWhite The Magic fire represents God yangOccultism male as the gods of the sun. The fire rituals are good when
you need power or you have an important question that needs energy. They are effective against the Magic sécheresseWhite
warming the planèteOccultism all the pollution caused by the combustion of fuels or products chimiquesOccultism forest fires and
burning policy in tropical forests.
Surround your fire candle golden sunflowers or chrysanthèmesOccultism small mirrors that reflect the
Clear quartz and cristallinOccultism called in the East "the essence of the dragon."
Blue is for water and OuestWhite The Magic sunset and autumn. A blue candle is placed in the 9 o'clock position.
The water represents the relationsWhite amourOccultism Magic Magic Magic the sympathieWhite intuitionWhite the réconciliationWhite the harmonieOccultism Magic and healing
Magic naissanceWhite cycle of death and RenaissanceOccultism natural cyclical changes from one stage to another as opposed to
consciously made changes under the auspices of the Air. It is also powerful to fight against Magic inondationsWhite cleaning
Magic mersWhite the lakes and rivers pollutionOccultism in the country to provide fresh water in places aridesOccultism in all initiatives
to a world of health and care baleinesOccultism Magic dauphinsWhite the seals and endangered creatures of the sea.
As TerreOccultism Water Magic yinWhite represents the female goddess as goddesses of the Moon.
Surround your water From candles with objects argentOccultism sea shells and coral pieces ouOccultism to the Moon
déessesWhite the Magic pearl and moonstones that light at the discretion of the Moon.
The candles
Candles engraved with zodiacal signs can be used to represent people born under a particular sun.
period. They can then be burned in rituals for different purposes. By exempleOccultism you can burn your own
zodiacal candle at a time when you need to trust or to assert your identity. Magic you can AlternativementWhite
burn all the astrological candles you need forces at a time donnéOccultism peutOccultismêtre courage
Aries before a confrontation or a trip to an unknown location. You can also use them in love
Note also the influence of particular groups of zodiac signs. Signs cardinauxOccultismBélierWhite CancerOccultism Magic
Libra and CapricorneOccultismsont soiOccultismdisant because when the sun moved in these signesWhite he scored the Magic
beginning of a new season: printempsWhite étéOccultism Magic autumn and winter. People born under a sign Cardinal
manifest this as a desire to initiate and take control of people and situations. Fixed signs Occultism
LionWhite TaureauOccultism Magic Aquarius and Scorpio Occultism are signs by the entrance Magic SoleilWhite the middle of a season. People
born under them show stability and a tendency to continue in a predetermined way. the mutable
signesOccultismSagittaireWhite GémeauxOccultism Magic Magic White Lady and fish mark the moment when the seasons are about to change.
Those made from it are so versatile and ready to compromise.
Associations And Colors Zodiacal
AriesOccultism ram: from March 21 to April 20. Red color. A hallmark of feuOccultism for everything related
self and identitéWhite for Magic Magic Magic innovationWhite rituals courageWhite assertiveness and action. Ruled by Mars.
TaurusOccultism Taurus: April 21 to May 21 Pink color. A fixed sign of Magic TerreWhite for rituals
for all kinds of material issues and sécuritéOccultism also for patience and caution if the way forward
seems dangerous. Ruled by Venus.
GémeauxOccultism heavenly twins from May 22 to June 21 Color: yellow or pale gray. a mutable
aérienOccultism signal for periods on the apprentissageWhite communicationOccultism Magic Magic choixWhite the adaptability and short
trip. Ruled by Mercury.
CancerOccultism crab: from 22 June to 22 July. Silver color. A hallmark of Magic eauWhite for spells
about the house and the Magic familleWhite specially for protection and for love and friendship. Ruled
by the Moon.
LéoOccultism Leo: July 23 to August 23. Gold color. A fire sign fixeOccultism rituals for courage
and leadershipOccultism sensual pleasures and love. Ruled by the sun.
ViergeOccultism girl: August 24 to September 22. Color: green or pale blue. A mutable earth
signeOccultism for spells to increase Magic efficacitéWhite to bring order in a situation chaotiqueOccultism for autoOccultismamélioration
and for healing. Ruled by Mercury. LibraOccultism balance: from 23 September to 23 October. Color: blue or purple. An Air sign cardinal
rituals concerning justice and the Magic droitWhite to balance the options and priorities
reconciliation. Ruled by Venus.
ScorpionOccultism Scorpio: October 24 to November 22. Color: burgundy or red. A fixed water
signeOccultism to increase the second regardOccultism for the passion and the secretsWhite sexeOccultism Magic legacy and claim what is
rightfully yours in any area of ​​life. Ruled by Mars in ancient systèmeOccultism now by Pluto.
SagittaireOccultism Archer: November 23 to December 21. Color: orange or yellow. a mutable
feuOccultism sign for the Magic optimismeWhite new perspectivesOccultism travel long distance and déménagementsOccultism creative businesses
and broaden our horizons. Ruled by Jupiter.
CapricorneOccultism Goat: December 22 to January 20. Color: brown or black. A Cardinal Earth
signeOccultism for ambitionsOccultism Magic persévéranceWhite the issues concerning officialitéOccultism loyalty and acquisition
money. Ruled by Saturn.
Magic VerseauWhite the water carrier: from 21 January to 18 February. Color: indigo or dark blue. Fixed
SignWhite Air Magic for the amitiéWhite indépendanceOccultism Magic creativity and detachment of emotional blackmail. Ruled
Saturn in the old systèmeOccultism now by Uranus.
PoissonsOccultism Pisces: from 19 February to 20 March. Color: white or purple. A water sign mutableOccultism
for spells to develop spiritual awareness and intuitionOccultism and the Magic divinationWhite particularly involving water
and the realization of hidden dreams. Led by Jupiter in the old systèmeOccultism now by Neptune.
In the OccultismOccultism tends to be the old rules that are used in spells (see planets and angels).
color Matches
Color is a great importanceOccultism in both healing and OccultismOccultism and symbolism of color is frequently used
with Magic bougiesWhite and also with cristauxOccultism Magic fleursWhite of food and water coloréeOccultism as a way to focus on and
activate the different qualities inherent colors.